Asia Clean Energy Forum begins Tuesday in Tokyo

FE Online Desk | Published: March 05, 2018 13:41:13 | Updated: March 06, 2018 21:51:33

A three-day Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF), arranged by ADBI begins in Tokyo Tuesday to help public officials keep up with developments in the energy sector, said a media release posted on ADBI website.

The forum will help improve knowledge by government officials of the latest energy technologies, increase awareness of how new technologies will affect energy systems, and enhance readiness to implement relevant policy reforms. It will also highlight potentially disruptive technological developments on governments and help prepare energy regulators for the rapid change in energy systems.

To help public officials keep up with developments in the energy sector, ADB organizes an annual Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF), held every June at ADB HQ. ACEF brings together a diverse group of experts, including stakeholders from governments, national and multinational banks, carbon and clean energy investment funds, project developers and service providers, environmental regulators, academics, civil society representatives, and international organizations. The stakeholders share best practices in policy, technology, and finance to meet the region's climate and energy security challenges.

ADBI will finance up to 20 energy sector officials to attend the training in Tokyo. Officials will be invited from countries with the greatest potential to implement the technologies covered in the Tokyo training session.

ADBI has been invited to take a leading role in the ACEF 2018. To enable high-level dialogue on rapid change in energy systems at the ACEF 2018, ADBI proposes to bring selected energy sector officials to Tokyo prior to ACEF 2018 for intensive training in new energy technologies.


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