China official injured as she goes to catch falling girl

Published: March 05, 2018 14:19:00 | Updated: March 07, 2018 12:33:48

Internet Photo used only for representation

A traffic official in China is recovering in hospital after suffering head injuries as she caught a child who fell from a fourth-floor window.

Chen Zhongping hurried to help after she saw the three-year-old girl climbing out of an apartment window in the city of Kaili, Guizhou province.

The girl's grandmother had locked herself out with the child inside.

Scared by the sounds of the locksmith, the girl climbed out of the window and fell into the arms of the official.

She crashed into a rain canopy, slowing her down, but the official was still badly injured as the girl fell into her arms, said local reports.

The 49 year-old suffered a brain haemorrhage and fell into a coma for two days, but she regained consciousness on Friday, reports BBC citing the Guiyang Evening News.

Her condition has stabilised and she is due to be transferred from intensive care to the general ward on Monday, the report said.

It said local ruling-party officials had visited her in hospital and had lauded her quick thinking and selflessness. She was also praised by her manager and friends.

The little girl is also stable in hospital.

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