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New video of Minny and Refat goes viral on social media

Published: September 17, 2019 10:44:30 | Updated: September 19, 2019 19:49:26

New video of Minny and Refat goes viral on social media

A video of Aysha Siddika Minny taking her blood-soaked husband Refat Shorif to a hospital on a rickshaw has surfaced on social media, months after footage of the grisly attack on the youth in Barguna took the internet by storm.

Minny, who was initially listed as a witness in the case over the daylight murder of her husband, was later arrested and charged for her alleged involvement in the incident.

Refat's father Dulal Shorif claimed on multiple occassions that his daughter-in-law failed to inquire after the family in the aftermath of the fatal attack in front of Barguna Government College on Jun 26.

But the footage captured by a closed-circuit camera installed in front of Barguna General Hospital's emergency department tells a different story, reports bdnews24.com.

The video depicts Minny approaching the emergency section with her wounded husband on a battery-powered rickshaw at 10:21am when a man named 'Mamun' dashed towards them.

He later ran inside the hospital and brought a stretcher in front of the rickshaw.

Several bystanders subsequently rushed to their aid as Refat was carried inside the hospital.

Minny was later seen borrowing a phone from a person in front of the hospital and making a call. Shortly afterwards, her father Moazzem Hossain Kishore arrived at the hospital.

Later at 10:38am, an ambulance parked up at the hospital entrance and at 10:44am, Refat, wearing an oxygen mask and hooked up to saline drips was stretchered on to the vehicle. The ambulance leaves the premises at 10:49am.

Refat was subsequently taken to Barishal Medical College Hospital where he died due to excessive bleeding, according to doctors.

It was later discovered that there were two separate CC cameras in front of the hospital installed by the hospital authority and the district police. But it is unclear as to which camera captured the latest footage.

Minny is currently staying with her father in Barguna's Maitha area as per the conditions of her bail. She is also barred from speaking to the media and therefore was not available to comment on the issue.

Her father Mozammel told reporters he had collected the new video. He claims that Minny tried her best to save Refat and the video 'clearly' proves that.

"My daughter is not involved in the murder of Refat. She is the victim of a conspiracy. As part of the plot against my daughter, only a few edited parts of the video in front of the college were released. There were attempts to conceal the footage recorded in front of the hospital. However they failed."

"I'm aware of another video. I'm trying to procure that too."

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