Viqarunnisa students call off protest

Published: December 06, 2018 19:07:21 | Updated: December 07, 2018 09:58:03

The students of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College suspended their protest programme on Thursday as their demands have been met, said their representative.

They will participate in the exam scheduled to be held on Friday, said Anushka Roy on behalf of the students, according to UNB.

A meeting between teachers and students was held on the school compound from 3am to 4:30am on Thursday, said the student.

After the meeting, the students came out from the compound and informed reporters that they suspended their programme.

Earlier, the students sent a letter to the Ministry of Education containing their demands.

They demands are resignation of the principal and ensuring her punishment under section 305 and 306 for provoking suicide; ensuring student care considering their behaviour, characters, mental health, while physical and mental tortures will not be accepted in any way; stopping the threat of expulsion and illegal detention policy, appointing counsellors to ensure the mental health of students, parents, teachers and other staff, providing necessary counselling to the students who will break discipline; resignation of governing body members and the principal and rendering apology by the school authorities for their misconduct with Aritree's parents.

Anushka Roy said their four demands have been met while two others are under the jurisdiction of the ministry.

Meanwhile, another faction of student demanded the release of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College class IX class teacher Hasna Hena, who has been sent to jail in a case filed in connection with Aritree's suicide.

They claimed that their teacher Hasna Hena is innocent.

"We demand punishment of the culprit but the release of Hasna Hena," the students chanted slogans in front of the gate No 1.

Nishat Sumaiya, a student of the school, said, "Our teacher Hasna Hena is completely innocent. We want her release.

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