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Bangladesh a promising IT hub: Oracle exec

| Updated: July 18, 2020 12:44:40

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Bangladesh is a promising market for the latest global innovations on information technology, Oracle ASEAN and SAGE regional managing director Cherian Varghese said.

"Seeing the prospects here, we've invested heavily in Bangladesh over the past two decades opening a full-blown office," he added.

Mr Varghese was addressing a virtual media briefing for the ASEAN and South Asian Growing Economies (SAGE) on Tuesday.

He said the uptake of cloud services is accelerating and as economies reopen, migration to the cloud could be the 'new normal' solution for an organisation of cloud computing.

The past few months have shown how organisations with low to zero digital business models are taking the hit, especially for companies in the consumer-facing sectors, he added.

Now, the organisations must reconcile with workforce changes and find new ways to engage with customers, suggested Mr Varghese.

Governments and businesses alike are finding ways to address the economic impact and mitigate supply-chain volatility and risks, he said.

"As a result of the current situation, customers we're speaking to come to us with two things in their mind-how to plan for a contingency and how to bulletproof or future-proof their current IT operations."

"The cloud presents itself as an attractive and flexible option for organisations to accelerate the standardisation and automation required enabling business continuity, while planning ahead," he added.

For business users, Mr Varghese said, Oracle offers a complete suite of software as a service (SaaS) or cloud-based application services.

These services are ready-to-use technologies that enable users to automate sales and marketing activities, human resources operations, enterprise planning, financial management, supply chain management and such.

"We acknowledge the challenges in the landscape and complexities that businesses face when migrating to the cloud," Mr Varghese stated.

"It's important for businesses to have flexibility and multiple options on their journey to the cloud," he continued.

With this offering, Oracle is making over 50 cloud services available on-premises so enterprises can use them to meet their needs in the cloud or on-premises via Cloud at Customer.

The goal of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is to have better performance than the rest of the Cloud market and also deliver the best pricing for that, said Mr Varghese.

"We're currently on track to launch our OCI region in Singapore within our current financial year to better meet the demands of our customers in the region."

Concluding the briefing, Mr Varghese highlighted that businesses have the power to choose and shape their own future, saying that they need to build resiliency now.

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