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Govt to publish economic review in September next

| Updated: July 15, 2020 10:20:13

Govt to unveil economic review in Sept next

The economic review, a popular budget publication, will now be published sometime in September next.

The publication usually covers data relating to the country's economic activities.

The finance division which compiles data has failed to publish timely this year following a long holiday from March 26 last that continued until the end of May.

"We have collected most of the data by this time and hopefully it will be available in September" said an official of the finance division.

He said this time readers will get up-to-date data.

Usually the publication includes data for eight or nine months of a fiscal year. But this time more up to date data, upto May and some cases up to June, will be included with the publication.

This time, both Bengali and English versions will come out simultaneously.

Earlier, Bengali version was available with a budget document and the English version in November or December each year.

This is an important publication used by policymakers, researchers, students, and journalists.

However, the print version will be supplied to the departments and institutions by the finance division.

Bangladesh introduced the publication with a budget document in the early of 90s.

The same publication is also available in neighbouring India and Pakistan.


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