Emphasis on recognising women’s unaccounted household works in GDP

FE Online Report | Published: November 04, 2019 18:51:11 | Updated: November 06, 2019 12:57:52

The contribution of women’s unaccounted household works needs to be incorporated in the gross domestic product (GDP), said experts.  

The view came up at a programme on Monday at a dialogue organised by South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM) in partnership with Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), according to a press release.

The view exchange session, titled “Recognition of Women’s Unaccounted Work in National GDP and Include in Gender Responsive Budgeting”, was organised at BRAC Centre Inn, Mohakhali, Dhaka.  

The dialogue was co-chaired by Dr. Selim Raihan, professor of Economics, University of Dhaka and executive director, SANEM and Shaheen Anam, executive director, Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF).

The Guest of Honour of the dialogue was Dr. Atiur Rahman, honorary professor of Development Studies, University of Dhaka and chairperson, Unnayan Shamannay.

Dr. Selim Raihan, citing a government survey said, “Female labour force participation rate is 36 per cent, while the male participation rate is above 80 per cent. This is only the market labour force. The problem is not only on supply side, but also on the demand side.”

“The main issue regarding the supply side is the household care burden carried out by women”, said Dr. Raihan.

He also said, “The valuation of non-labour market household care work is important because we need to acknowledge the contribution of women’s unaccounted household works to dignify this contribution in a male dominated society”.

Ms. Shaheen Anam said, “The reason why we came with this idea was to uphold her status in the family and in the society in order to eradicate the discrimination and violence against women.

“We hardly recognise their productive works. These works should be given a formal recognition through calculating its share in the GDP. But the acceptable methodology was unknown,” added she.

“We need to realise this project’s importance to uphold women’s dignity and we need political commitment to achieve this”, she also said.

Following the speeches was a presentation on the research conducted by SANEM.

The presentation was given by Dr. Sayema Haque Bidisha, professor of Economics, University of Dhaka and research director, SANEM and Mr. Zubayer Hossen, research economist, SANEM.

Later on, Mr. Zubayer Hossen briefly discussed the methodology of the research conducted by SANEM.


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