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A book on history of world cinema

Published: February 27, 2020 00:48:01 | Updated: February 27, 2020 00:51:49

A book on history of world cinema

On the history and progress of world cinema, author Altamis Nabil has published the research book 'Lumiere Theke Hiralal' (From Lumier to Hiralal) at the 2020 Dhaka Ekushey Book Fair.

The book has been published by Chhayabithi Publications, says a press release.

Referring to the book, Altamis Nabil said, "The book is intended for the cinema lovers who mostly indulge in 'Hollywood-Bollywood' movies. In this book, the writer discusses the history of using simple language in film or cinema movements around the world that changed the language in films, the beginning of cinema in India and Bangladesh, modern movies in Bangladesh and some other discussions about world movies.

The book is being dubbed as the history of world cinema- a simple text for progress. The book's specialty is its simplicity. The book is not written for any academic purpose at all, it contains the most basic information about the history of world cinema. It's readers are the general people who are interested in films, and after reading the book, movies will become a source of topics to contemplate rather than only entertainment.

The book tributes to the brothers of Lumiere, the first successful exhibitor of worldwide movies, and to Hiralal Sen, who brought cinema to India in actual. It is written in Bangla language.

Altamis Nabil is currently working in a multinational company as a digital service specialist in addition to writing and making documentaries. He is also serving as the General Legal Counsellor of the non-profit international organisation Junior Chamber International's (JCI) Dhaka West chapter. This is his second publications. Earlier, the writer published his research work on the film work of Satyajit Ray, 'Maharaja Tomare Salem'.

The book 'Lumiere Theke Hiralal' has been priced at Tk 300 and its cover was designed by Sajjadul Islam Sayem. The book is available at the stall of Chhayabithi Publications, Suhrawardy Udyan, Stall No. 280-282 at the book fair. Apart from this, it can also be purchased from e-commerce site rokomari.com and from major bookstores across the country.

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