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Ad making contest to ignite creative thinking

| Updated: October 06, 2020 19:40:03

Ad making contest to ignite creative thinking

Even amidst the sudden halt this pandemic has brought about in students' day-to-day activities, Bangladesh University of Professionals Business and Communication Club (BUP BCC) is back with its flagship event, CreADive. The competition kicked off on  September 24 with an online case round.

CreADive distinguishes itself as an entity that thrusts one's creative bubble in pursuit of brilliant ideas. At every step of the way, participants will find a challenge that will push them to innovate. Every round has a unique scheme to it. Thus, what started off in 2014 as another business competition soon came to light as one of the biggest marketing and ad-making competitions of the nation.

This year marks the sixth  edition of this event. The entire event is being organised online this time due to the ongoing crisis. Each round will be hosted via virtual platforms. Regardless, the game is as fierce as ever. CreADive is all about scheming the right marketing strategies and implementing them with product activations and 360-degree marketing. But it does not  end there. Amongst all the challenges that CreADive has to offer, the 'Curveball' is the highlight of this competition. Thrown at the participants at any point in time during a round, the 'Curveball' is like a plot twist that makes the challenge even more thrilling. 

Adiba Arif, champion of CreADive 2018 says, "I think what makes it so uniquely appealing is the sheerness of how challenging it is. From going out in the streets to collecting real market data in the preliminary rounds to actually moving forward to the finals to have the opportunity to really think big and try and make an impact at a national level, the experience is extremely fascinating - to say the least."

CreADive 2020 is open for all undergraduate students across the country. Interested students from the same university form a team of four and register for this event. There are four rounds participants have to look out for. The first round has already begun with creative minds from all over the country. The second round is a 360-degree marketing round followed by online activation in the third phase. Finally, the best teams are to contend against each other in the grand finale.

CreADive offers prize money for the winners. The champion team bags an amount of Tk  150,000 while the first  and second  runner up wins Tk  90,000 and Tk 60,000, respectively. For marketing enthusiasts, this competition is definitely a must-attend. With more than 150 participating teams on board, the thrill is more unnerving than ever.

The writer is currently a sophomore studying at Bangladesh University of Professionals. She can be reached at nafnawal29@gmail.com

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