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Admission, not the end of the road

| Updated: November 28, 2021 17:35:42

Admission, not the end of the road

A famous dialogue of Jeetu Bhaiya from the series 'Kota Factory' is: "You need to keep moving on if you want to grow in life." University admission is the most unpredictable and uncertain thing that occurs in a student's life. You never know what situation your luck will put you in. But the only thing that can help you survive this crucial test is 'Hope'.
Afrina Kabir, who had a dream to study in IBA of Dhaka University, is a very good example of moving on from the sadness of not being able to get a chance in her desired university. According to her, institutions matter less when you are capable enough. She thinks that studying in a public university merely gives you recognition and a platform but it doesn't take you anywhere.
"You are your own fuel and you are the only one who can take you to places. If you have self-confidence, it doesn't matter which university you study in, you can win the whole world."
Afrina said that she worked on self-development to get rid of her depression. She learnt PowerPoint slides, photography, cooking, etc., and now she is very happy with herself. Currently, she is doing a part-time job in the 10 Minute School marketing team. Afrina is currently doing BBA at IBA of Jahangirnagar University.
There are people who dream to be something and do not get to fulfil their most cherished dream. Efter Ahsan, who wanted to become an engineer, is now studying economics at the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).
Efter thinks that acceptance and self-confidence can help someone to overcome sadness or depression during admission season. According to him, accepting that not getting into the desired institution doesn't make someone a failure or incapable of doing great things.
On being asked about how to start everything from scratch again, Efter said, "It's not about starting from scratch. It's about not losing the right track, not letting negative thoughts in, and not losing what I already have."
So, reading a great deal of books, travelling, making great friends, grabbing opportunities for self-improvement, and not giving up on studies even when the grades seem unsatisfactory is really important to bounce back from the admission season.
Arian Ikra has completed his graduation from the department of law, Bangladesh University of Professionals. He wanted to study political science at Dhaka University. He thinks that life should not be separated from failure rather it should be wielded as a learning tool. The way Ikra sees it, "It is nothing but another chance to go through the process of hard work, dedication. Just like Alfred said, we fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up."
He thinks that one should find out the reasons for failure, work on eliminating those shortcomings, engage with more enthusiasm and run with the pace of time. And by doing so, everyone can be successful in their own way.
However, Ashfaqur Arefin who is a lecturer at Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), says, "Starting university life is the most fascinating thing for any student. You must get a grip on your sadness and enjoy this phase of life, explore new things and push yourself towards growth every day. Being sad and doing nothing can never help you to do anything great in life."
Nobel laureate and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said famously, "Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."
Not being in the institution that one dreamt of should not and cannot contain one's ambition to make a difference. In professional life, your alma mater matters little, but your action does.

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