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Brac University establishes Student Assistance Fund

FE Online Desk | Published: May 30, 2020 19:40:25 | Updated: June 03, 2020 22:00:57

Brac University establishes Student Assistance Fund

Brac University Vice-Chancellor Professor Vincent Chang has announced the establishment of the Brac University Student Assistance Fund to support students who are experiencing difficulties due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The assistance for the Summer 2020 semester will appear in four forms. 


First, all non-tuition fees will be waived.  This is generally equivalent to a reduction of 10% or more in university tuition and fees. Second, the installment plan will be broadened to include a much larger number of students.   Third, need-based financial aid will be given to students who have been particularly affected by recent events or who are in particular financial distress. Fourth, students who lack internet access will be given special assistance to help them obtain better internet access.


The total special assistance commitment to student aid is 15 crores (US$1.8 million), or equivalent to 25% of total tuition and fees.  In addition, the university will continue to provide the normal need-based and merit-based scholarships it has in the past.


In this time of financial distress for large portions of Bangladesh, Professor Chang has insisted on doing what is best for students, and particularly for the students who need aid the most, despite the financial constraints that the university itself faces.  The Student Assistance Fund demonstrates Brac University's commitment to being a student-centric university. It is an initiative that goes beyond academic matters and intends to leave no one behind.



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