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The National Debate Festival begins tomorrow at Jahangirnagar University

The National Debate Festival begins tomorrow at Jahangirnagar University

The 'DNC-JUDO National Debate Festival 2022,' organised by Jahangirnagar University Debate Organization-JUDO, will be inaugurated tomorrow.

This year's National Debate Festival is being organised with the overall cooperation of the Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) with the slogan of 'Magazchashei Madaknaash', which colloquially means practising knowledge refrains from drug addiction.

This information was given in a press conference organised by Jahangirnagar University Debate Organization (JUDO) at 4 pm on Thursday (November 24) in the conference room of the Teacher-Student Center (TSC) of the university.

In the press conference, the organisers said this debate festival would be held in three phases. In the first phase, Inter-School Debate Competition will be held on the festival's first day (November 25). Secondly, Inter-College Debating Competition will be held on the second day (November 26). The Inter-University Debate Competition will be organised in the third phase of the festival. This competition will be held on December 2.

A total of 100 teams, including 32 at the school and college levels and 36 at the university level, will participate. In all the 3 competitions, the Bangla Parliamentary Debate format will be followed, and Barowari Debate (Public Speaking) Competition will be organised simultaneously at the school, college and university levels. 

The final competition and prize distribution phase will be held on December 3.

The press conference was conducted by Jillal Hossain Sourav, General Secretary of JUDO. Farhan Anjum Karim, President of the debate organisation, said, "We organise inter-hall and inter-department debates inside our university, which are mainly to promote the practice of debate within the university. At the same time, we organise a debate festival every year throughout Bangladesh."

He also said this is the only debate competition in which 100 schools, colleges, and universities from all over the country are participating. There will be around 300 debaters, 120 judges and spectators. That is why we call this event not a mere Debate Competition but Debate Festival. 

"Earlier, by organising debate festivals on social issues such as women's abuse, child rights etc., we tried to highlight that it is time to be aware of these issues. Following that, the Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) has joined us."

Regarding the theme of 'Magazchashei Madaknaash', the organisers said, "JUDO always believes that debate is a social movement. Social prejudices and misinformation should be countered through debate. We believe brainstorming through debate is the only way to prevent the black-crushing claws of drugs that surround us in our society and on our campuses. Only our awareness can help us get rid of this condition."

The university 'Jahangirnagar University Debate Organization-JUDO' 's central debating organisation has been building a rational society through debate practice, training and various events since its inception. Their main achievement is to create new debaters. 

JUDO has been working to improve the mind and spirits of debaters by organising various competitions throughout the year. This year's debate festival is the 17th inter-university and 11th inter-school and inter-college debate competition.

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