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EMK Center’s virtual exhibition ‘Mirror of Society’ highlights societal aspects

| Updated: August 05, 2021 19:10:46

Virtual exhibition ‘Mirror of Society’ in EMK Center website Virtual exhibition ‘Mirror of Society’ in EMK Center website

EMK Center's virtual exhibition ‘Mirror of Society’ has featured 60 artworks of artists Shaily Shrabonti and Sheikh Farhana Parvin Tumpa. The series of paintings highlights various aspects of society.

EMK Center has brought together two artists to exhibit their work. The artists are Shaily Shrabonti and Sheikh Farhana Parvin Tumpa. Both of them are working on their own artistic styles. And they are both attempting to portray diverse aspects of society.

Shaily, who is currently doing an MFA in the oriental art department, faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, practices contemporary oriental art form. The content of her paintings is inspired by her interest in mythological content. As a female artist, she tries to highlight the struggle and crises of women in our society. Her ‘Hawabibi in this City’ series is about those girls who are oppressed in society by social norms and religion.

"The concept of private ownership arose with the establishment of an agrarian civilisation. Women have been detained using various techniques since then. Patriarchal behaviours have evolved into a social system that hinders women's liberation over time," she shared. She also thanked the EMK Center for arranging this exhibition.

Kibria memorial award winner Farhana has completed her bachelor's and master's from the Department of Printmaking, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. She is currently working as a teacher in Shaheed Bir- Uttam Lt. Anwar Girl’s College and a freelance artist. Her artworks depict her love for Bangladesh's rich culture and heritage.

“I wanted to express our country by artworks. It expresses Bangladeshi village life, our family, relationship, family activities, mother and children’s love, social activities, variety of seasons, Bawl Song, the culture of Bangladesh, etc. My artworks’ main character is a folk clay doll called ‘Tapa.’ I have used Tapa in my artworks which is a form of country folk art and it represents Bangladesh,” remarked Farhana.

The virtual exhibition is available on EMK Center's website till July 31, 2021.

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