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Avocado being produced successfully, in Magura

| Updated: September 10, 2021 11:23:28

Avocado being produced successfully, in Magura

An outstanding success has been achieved in producing avocado in the district. Magura horticulture centre deserves the glorious credit for this.

Magura horticulture centre sources informed avocado is a foreign fruit. It is mainly grown in Mexico and America. But the fruit is popular in rich countries due to its deliciousness and high nutrition value. The fruit is similar to guava and papaya and deep- green in colour.

Avocado is sold in super shops of our country at Tk 1,000 to 1,500 per kg. A tree bears 40 to 45 kgs avocado in a year. Magura holds a bright prospect for producing avocado as soil of this district is sandy loam while weather is favourable. Avocado can be grown in house yard and rooftop. Some 35 to 40 trees can be planted in one bigha land. That is Tk 1.5 million to 02 million (15 to 20 lakh) can be earned by cultivating avocado in one bigha land a year.

On contact, Magura Medical College associate professor Dr Abdullahel Kafi said avocado provides the consumers with huge amount of vitamin C, protein, mineral elements and carbohydrate. Avocado creates disease prevention power in human body by producing anti- oxidant. The fruit especially works in cancer and diabetes prevention.

Bangladesh imports avocado worth Tk 20 million to 30 million (Tk 2 to 3 crore) every year. But the country can earn huge foreign currency by adopting proper policy in spreading avocado cultivation.

Horticulturist Md Rokonuzzaman of Magura horticulture centre said, "We have become successful in producing avocado in this district. Avocado is one of the most popular and valuable fruits in international market. However, we are getting good response in selling avocado seedlings from our centre and we are optimistic of the prospect of avocado in this district".

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