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Native fruit varieties disappearing fast in Narsingdi

| Updated: November 29, 2020 15:16:30

Native fruit varieties disappearing fast in Narsingdi

The native fruit varieties are disappearing fast in Narsingdi due to the adverse impact of climate change, the use of agro-chemical in the ground and the lack of planned ways for the production and marketing of the native fruits.

Once there were various native fruits available in the village like hog-plam, black-berry, rose-berry, olive, tamarind, star-apple, custard apple, and some other fruits locally known as gab, deowa, kathbal, sofeda, kaow, chalta, shorifa, kamranga etc. But it is now on the decline because there is no planning on the production and marketing of these varieties fruit.

Rapid urbanisation coupled with housing for the increasing population is the main cause for the decline of these fruits, reports BSS.

Besides, villagers are now planting wood saplings instead of native fruits in their gardens for making more profits.

Monsur Alim, a 65 years old man of village Adiabad under Raipura upazila said, housing for the increase of population is the main reason behind the decline of native fruit varieties.

He said he was the only son of his father and his father had a 60 decimal house with a building on five decimals and the rest lands were the various native fruits garden.

At present, (after 50 years) the picture of the house completely changed as he divided his house among the five sons for their dwelling-houses cutting all the native fruit trees.

According to the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), the native fruit varieties are disappearing in our country due to climate change, air pollution, and indiscriminate use of chemicals and pesticides.

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