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Govt bans gatherings before and after prayers at mosques

| Updated: April 08, 2021 14:54:30

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The government has banned meetings and rallies before and after prayers at mosques and other places of worship in a measure brought on a new wave of coronavirus.

The religious affairs ministry in an order on Wednesday said the move aims to discourage gatherings amid the escalating number of COVID-19 cases.

It said worshippers must maintain physical distancing, wear masks and follow other health rules during prayers, including Tarabih in Ramadan.

It reminded all of the instructions issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Division as part of efforts to contain the outbreak.

The ministry had issued a set of instructions as well in light of the lockdown rules imposed by the government.    

The ministry’s instructions included a ban on Sehri and Iftar at mosques in Ramadan.

It said mosques must have provisions of sanitisers and soap water at the entrance to facilitate handwashing while everyone must arrive in mosques completing their ablution, and Sunnah prayers at their own homes.

The ministry ordered the mosques not to use carpets. The devotees must bring their own prayer mats.

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