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Is Covid weakening in Dhaka division?

No of deaths in key hotspot falling in last five weeks

| Updated: July 14, 2020 15:24:07

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Is Covid weakening in Dhaka division?

The Covid deaths in Dhaka have showed a falling trend over the last five weeks compared to the total fatalities across the country.

An FE analysis has found that the number of daily deaths from coronavirus has been falling, except for a slight volatility over the last 35 days in Dhaka division, a key hotspot.

Besides, the single-day death rate compared to that of total nationwide fatalities has recorded between 29 per cent and 50 per cent over the period from a peak of 60 per cent on June 8.

Public health experts on Monday said that the viral infections might start declining over the last one month as "acquired immunity" had developed in human bodies.

The highest number of deaths was reported on June 30 in Dhaka division when 31 persons died from Covid-19 out of total 64 across the country.

Yet, the death rate in Dhaka was 48 per cent, lower than the data recorded on June 8 and before, the analysis was found.

Bangladesh reported its first confirmed coronavirus case on March 8 and the first death on March 18.

According to the official data, the Dhaka division's daily death rate compared to the total death in the country was recorded 60 per cent on June 8, which dropped to 50 per cent on June 14, to 47 per cent on June 19, and to 38 per cent on June 27.

On July 2, the death rate in Dhaka further fell to 29 per cent, on July 5 to 35 per cent, on July 10 to 32 per cent before rising again to 49 per cent on July 13.

While the daily death rate showed a falling trend, the number of single-day fatalities declined as its number was reported below 20 per person over the last 35 days compared to over 20 persons before June 9 this year.

Health rights activist Dr Rashid-e-Mahbub was happy with the trend, saying the death rates in Dhaka city and its adjacent districts have been falling over the last one month.

"But we have to wait until the Eid-ul-Azha when there is a possibility of fresh infections in rural areas as many people from Dhaka city and urban areas will leave for their village homes," he added.

If the movement during the festival is controlled perfectly, the country could see an improving scenario in the coming weeks too, he added.

When asked about the reasons for falling death, Dr Mahbub said, "The human body has already acquired some immunity. Besides, the virus has also weakened in our country. So, the deaths in Dhaka as well as in the country are on a bit falling trend."

Now challenge is to protect people from spreading the deadly virus during the Eid-ul-azha, said the former Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University professor.

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