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Italy to hire workers from Bangladesh, 30 other non-EU countries

| Updated: January 28, 2022 21:32:41


Italy will hire seasonal and non-seasonal workers from different countries, including Bangladesh, creating an opportunity for the youths to find jobs in the European country.

The government of Italy on Thursday launched receiving applications from the employers in this regard, and it would continue until March 17 next, according to a circular of the Bangladesh Embassy in Rome.

The Italian government will issue 69,700 visas for 31 non-EU countries, including Bangladesh.

The validity of a total of 42,000 seasonal visas will be maximum nine months and the non-seasonal ones (total 27,700) will be two years with a provision for extension.

Only the employers staying in Italy can apply for a worker through a nominated email to Prefettura, a local government body, mentioning the worker's required documents to get a no-objection certificate.

When the employer gets the permission, he or she will send it to the possible worker in Bangladesh. After that the worker will apply for a visa at the Italian embassy in the capital along with the no-objection certificate.

The migrant will sign a work permit after reaching Italy.

When contacted, Arfanul Haque, labour welfare counsellor at the embassy said Bangladeshis would get opportunities to go to the country as regular workers through this process.

He said the embassy was communicating with the employers while visiting different regions so that they recruit workers from Bangladesh. He also said that the employing country did not disclose any quota in this regard.

Bangladeshis can get jobs in agriculture, hospitality, lorry driving and construction sectors as seasonal and non-seasonal workers.

The Italian government is going to receive seasonal and non-seasonal workers from Bangladesh after eight years of restriction.

It had imposed embargo as Bangladeshi farm workers overstayed by violating the rules.

According to the Bangladesh mission in Italy, currently around 145,000 Bangladeshis are staying in that country.

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