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Killing of 26 Bangladeshi nationals in Libya: Govt demands trial, compensation

| Updated: May 29, 2020 20:52:56

File photo of Foreign minister Dr AK Abdul Momen File photo of Foreign minister Dr AK Abdul Momen

Bangladesh has urged the Libyan government to punish the killer of 26 Bangladeshis and to provide compensation to the families of the victims.

The government also vowed to find out the involvement of Bangladeshi recruiting agencies who were paid for the illegal migration of these Bangladeshis.

On Thursday, 26 were killed and 11 were injured by human traffickers in Mizdah, a southern Libyan city.

Foreign minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Friday said that Bangladesh Mission in Libya is in constant touch with the Libyan government.

The injured Bangladeshis were brought to Tripoli for treatment and six of them are out of danger now.

“But the condition of five, is still critical, there are bullets inside their bodies. Doctors in Tripoli are preparing to pull out the bullets through surgery,” Dr Momen said.

According to the minister, there were 38 Bangladeshis in the spot where the killing took place, and one of them managed to escape unhurt.

It is believed that Bangladeshis were being trafficked to European destination through sea route. They were taken to Mizdah from Libya by a group of human traffickers.

They paid 8 to 10 thousand US dollar each for their migration to Europe.

“This man contacted our mission from a shelter in Mizdah. He said that an altercation took place when the traffickers demanded more money from the migrants. At one stage, an African killed the leader of the traffickers and in retaliation the partners of the traffickers sprayed bullets on the migrants killing 26 Bangladeshis and injuring 11” the foreign minister said.

Dr Momen said that the government forces took control of the Mizdah a few days ago from the rebel forces but still the government is not in full control of the city and virtually there is no effective administration in the city.

But the interior ministry has issued an order to find out the perpetrators, Dr Momen said.

The foreign minister said that previously a group of Bangladeshi manpower recruiting agencies were banned for their involvement with such illegal trafficking.

 ‘Unfortunately the crime is still on” he said in a frustrating tone.

“People in our country should be more conscious so that they can avoid the trap of such illegal human traffickers, and to avoid such gruesome incidents of killing our brothers during illegal migration” he added.

The concerned authorities will find out the manpower recruiters who are involved in this illegal migration, he said.


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