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National tourist authorities launch rooftop restaurant in Dhaka city

| Updated: January 17, 2021 17:21:47

National tourist authorities launch rooftop restaurant in Dhaka city

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) has set a target to earn Tk 10 million- 15 million in revenue per year from the newly-launched deluxe rooftop restaurant at its new complex at Agargaon area in Dhaka.

BPC has set a target to earn an operating profit of Tk 4.0 million a year. The corporation says that it is very much achievable as the response is very positive. There is scarcity of good foods in good environment in Agargaon area.

The main strength of the business target is the 25 government offices there are already operating alongside some other foreign offices like World Bank (WB) and Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Prime Minister's Office and Ganabhaban are also on the list of customers. More government departments are in the pipeline to be shifted there.

"We have calculated only 12 persons per office, raising the number to a total of 3000 customers per day whom we should serve to achieve the income target. It is a 150-seat restaurant with 30-40 seats at the open terrace. The total floor space is 6600 sqft with 3000 sqft open terrace," BPC Manager for Public Relations Ziaul Haque Chowdhury told the FE.

Hotel Abakash which operates at Mohakhali has 100 seats.

"Food is a major component of tourism industry. Primarily the government offices are our target. We had been receiving very positive response even before we formally launched the restaurant. Because now it has easier for them to take hot and quick food from our restaurant," said Mr Zia.

At present two full time chefs, two assistant chefs, one restaurant manager, one assistant manager and five waiters are working in the restaurant.

But BPC would engage the NHTTI students as interns in the restaurant so that they could serve and learn for their career, Mr Zia added.

"We hope we will be able to reach the break-even point within next six months. Our monthly sales target is Tk 1.2 million. With various exclusive dine-out features like open terrace with exotic views and candle light dinner arrangement along with quality food, it is possible," he said.

BPC has constructed the new building at a cost of Tk 860 million. The government contributed Tk 730 million and BPC's own fund is Tk 130 million. Three of its floors have been rented out to different offices. There is an auditorium with the 350-seat capacity for rent for holding different programmes by other companies.

"Now most of the sales happen as the takeaway foods for meetings, workshops held at different office. Government officials enjoy the open terrace after the offices break. We will not open the restaurant randomly for customers to keep it hygienic and will allow selective customers," said Mr Zia.

BPC incurred a loss of Tk 180 million in past nine months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the major loss occurred at the hotels, motels which were rented for the accommodation for doctors who treated Covid patients.

When asked, noted tour operator of the country and chief executive of Journey Plus Taufiq Rahman said that the restaurant would be a light of hope for Parjatan Corporation. "It has huge potential as BPC has wonderful food but it needs to improve the service quality."

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