Padma Bridge to transform Bagerhat into new economic hub

| Updated: June 25, 2022 13:00:01

Padma Bridge to transform Bagerhat into new economic hub

Padma Bridge will bring massive changes to the economy of Bagerhat, the southern district of historic sites, world heritage and white gold, according to UNB.

The overall economy of the district is based on agriculture, fisheries, tourism, and the Mongla Port. After the inauguration of the dream bridge, a revolutionary change will happen in the economic scenario of Bagerhat, said the stakeholders.

Farmers of the district can now send their produced vegetables all over the country using the Padma Bridge. Exporting of shrimps and activities of the Mongla Port will also be boosted.

People from the district said Padma Bridge will contribute to the economy of Bagerhat besides playing a crucial role in the national economy and contribute more to the country's GDP.

Bagerhat district administration, Mongla Port Authority, tourism department, agriculture department, fisheries department, and businesses think Bagerhat will be the turning point of the national economy after launching the Padma Bridge.

They said revenue of the Mongla Port will increase manifold and the tourism sector will also flourish after the opening of the much-expected Padma Bridge. The bridge will also create employment opportunities for the lakhs of people of the district.

Bagerhat Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Azizur Rahman said the Padma Bridge will open a new economic door in the southern part of the country including Bagerhat as big works will be done here.

The tourism industry based on Mongla Port, EPZ, the Sundarbans, and Sixty Dome Mosque will be boosted in the district. Fifty tour guides have already been trained for the smooth movement of the tourists. The road communication system has been developed in the south and south-western regions centring on the Padma Bridge. New factories and industries will be set up in the region. As a result, the fate of the people in this region will be changed after June 25, he said.

Rear Admiral Mohammad Musa, chairman of Mongla Port Authority, said, "From now Mongla Port is the nearest from Dhaka to any other port in the country. The activities of the Monga Port will accelerate after the launching of the bridge. All economic activities in the region will start from Mongla Port. Users of the other ports are showing their keen interest to use Mongla Port for its easy transportation system with the capital Dhaka."

Regarding the changes in the agricultural sector of the district, Md Azizur Rahman, deputy director at the Department of Agricultural Extension, said a revolutionary change will happen in the agricultural sector in Bagerhat as agro-based processing zones will be set up after the opening of the bridge.

"Vegetables, produced in Bagerhat were used to rot in the ferry ghats of Padma. Now farmers can sell their vegetables in Dhaka and can return home within a day."

Bagerhat produces 287,000 tonnes of various vegetables per year, he added.

District Fisheries Officer ASM Rasel said fish processing factories will be set up in the region after the launching of the Padma Bridge.

Bagerhat Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Liakat Hossain Liton said, "The wheels of the fate of the people of this region will turn around due to the Padma Bridge. Businesses from across the country have already started to buy land in the region to set up industries. Mongla Port will be the busiest one as the distance from the capital is less than other ports of the country."

Sheikh Nazrul Islam Montu, president of the Bagerhat Inter-district Bus Owner's Association, said, they have already taken the initiative to run luxurious buses on the Bagerhat-Dhaka route.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the bridge on Saturday where hundreds of thousands of people are expected to gather on the banks of Padma to witness the historic event.

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