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People's presence on city roads increasing

| Updated: April 19, 2021 19:20:35

- Focus Bangla photo - Focus Bangla photo

People's presence increased notably on the city roads when the country was observing fifth day of the eight-day-long strict lockdown on Sunday.

Increased crowd of customers was seen in the kitchen markets, grocery shops and departmental stores on the day, although daily death toll due to the Covid-19 infection rose to a record high of 102 persons between Saturday and Sunday morning.

Health guidelines were hardly maintained in the kitchen markets and groceries in the lanes and allies of the city.

Rickshaws, CNG-run auto-rickshaws, motorbikes and private cars were the key vehicles on the day on the main roads, where lockdown was observed amid presence of law-enforcers at every intersection.

But the lockdown was hardly observed in the lanes and allies of the city, as people from various sections came out of home for their livelihood as well as daily necessity.

Hundreds of rickshaw-pullers were seen in the city on the day as they came out to earn their living.

Many shop owners in the lanes were seen playing hide and seek with law-enforcers to keep their shops open in the afternoon. Meanwhile, prices of most of the essentials remained static in the city markets, maintaining their previous high.

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