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UN awards 110 Bangladesh Navy members for contributions in peacekeeping 

| Updated: September 21, 2021 17:12:43

-UNB photo -UNB photo

Some 110 members of the Bangladesh Navy engaged in the UN peacekeeping mission in Beirut, Lebanon, have been awarded the Peacekeeping Medal recently.

Maritime Task Force (MTF) Commander of the United Nation's Interim Force in Lebanon Rear Admiral Andreas Mugge presented the medal to the officers and sailors of the Bangladesh Navy warship 'Sangram' in recognition of their work in peacekeeping missions there, reports UNB.

Among others, Commander-in-Chief of the Lebanese Navy Captain Commodore Haissam Dannaoui, Bangladesh Ambassador to Lebanon Maj. Gen. Mohammad Jahangir Al Mustahidur Rahman and representative of Bangladesh Navy Headquarters Commodore Sayed Mohammad Moniruzzaman were present at the medal presentation ceremony in Beirut, Lebanon on 17 September.

The Inter-Service Public Relation (ISPR) gave the information in a press release issued on Monday, reports UNB.

At the Medal Parade programme, MTF Commander Rear Admiral Andreas Mugge thanked all members of the Navy deployed in the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon for the successful conduct of the mission. He also thanked all the members of the Navy for their tireless and dedicated contribution to the cause of peace in the world.

He urges all to take special care while maintaining special health awareness due to the recent outbreak of the global epidemic Covid-19.

He expressed his gratitude to the Navy and the Government of Bangladesh for the continued success of the Bangladesh Navy in UNIFIL as per the UN mandate and expressed strong hope that this trend would continue in the future.

The Bangladesh Navy has been participating in the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon since 2010 with the dedicated efforts of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As a member of the Multinational Maritime Task Force in the Mediterranean, the only Bangladesh Navy warship among subcontinent is engaged in establishing world peace

The currently deployed ‘Sangram’ warship is working efficiently to prevent the infiltration of illegal weapons and ammunition into Lebanese territory. Besides, the ship is also conducting maritime interdiction operations in Lebanese waters, surveillance of suspicious ships and aircraft, rescue operations on wrecked ships and providing necessary training to Lebanese naval personnel.

 For the last 11 years since its deployment in Lebanon, the members of the Navy have been fulfilling their responsibilities with utmost sincerity, dedication and efficiency. This proud participation of the Navy has enhanced Bangladesh's image and reputation in the international arena.


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