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Foods that bring back back the taste of the tongue

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There are few people who do not suffer from colds and coughs during the change of seasons, especially when it is winter. In case of cold or fever, the taste in the mouth also seems to fade away.

In such a situation, spicy snacks that make your eyes glistened give relief from a stuffy nose. One such food is Chitoi Pitha with varieties of bhorta.

Those who are well acquainted with Shutki will be familiar with Sidol or Chapa Shutki. Although it tastes a lot like sun-dried fish, the preservation process of the two is quite different.

According to many, Sidol feels tastier than sun-dried fish. In roadside food-carts, Chitoi pitha is usually served with a Sidol dip.

Those who have been searching for the taste of roadside Chitoi-dip in homemade Shutki bhorta can easily make this at home.

First, wash the Sidol well and fry it in hot oil with green chilli, garlic and onion. Then grinding all together with salt, a delicious Sidol bhorta will be ready.

Even though it is pretty spicy, it does not usually cause any digestive problems as it is made with green chillies.

By adding spicy mustard dip or tangy green chutney, another level of fullness can be brought in the combination of Chitoi and Sidol bhorta.

Some make this green chutney with coriander leaves, some make it with just green chillies. Although these three items are the most popular for eating with Chitoi, Mera pitha is consumed with the same filling in different regions.

Mera or Daulla is a kind of winter rice cake popular in Bangladesh, especially in Sylhet and Greater Mymensingh and surrounding districts.

To make salty Mera, first, you have to heat up salted water in a pot. When the water boils, add rice flour and rub hard, turning off the heat to prepare bread dough.

Now take a little from that dough and give it the shape of cake pressing in between your palms. It should be kept in a sieve of bamboo or plastic when all is done.

Now boil water in another pot, put the sieve on the top cover for 15-20 minutes, and it is ready to serve.

Whereas Mera Pitha is not very popular in North Bengal, Kalai ruti is at the top of popularity among winter cuisines.

Though Kalai ruti is more or less seen throughout the year in the north, winter claims a different demand for it.

This bread is made with a special dough made from Mash-Kalai-dal flour, rice flour, and wheat flour.  

Burnt eggplant mash is also a signature accessory with it. Kalai ruti goes well with chilli or coriander chutney and Kosha-Mangsho as well. Its extreme taste can bring back the lost tongue instantly.

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