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Foods that make you feel tired

Coutesy: Dr Oz Show Coutesy: Dr Oz Show

You might have lots of things to do but sometimes your body does not give permission at all. It is not like you are just about to sleep, you just feel sluggish. 

Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between your daily diet and that feeling? Let's take a look at some of the foods that make you feel tired or sluggish.

Potato chips, baked foods, such as muffins, doughnuts, cookies, cakes or artificially sweetened dishes are the commonly consumed foods that may make you feel drained out. Because these foods are filled with sugar and bad fats which can lead you to high blood sugar and a subsequent crash in an hour or so.

Condiments like sauce, ketchup, pickles that are used to enhance the flavour of food can lead to a spike in blood sugar. Besides, they are mostly high in sodium, which can make you feel lethargic, bloated and dehydrated, and can contribute to an afternoon slump.

You will be surprised to know that this list also includes nutritious food like bananas or caffeinated food like dark chocolate. 

If you eat a banana after work out, tryptophan, potassium and magnesium in it altogether relaxes your muscles and help to reduce anxiety. Although it is beneficial to health, having excessive can make you feel tired. 

Dark chocolate, on the other hand, is rich in anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory antioxidants, and serotonin content which releases feel-good hormones. Caffeine in it boosts instant energy but it can crash on later. Also, its serotonin content can make you feel sleepy.

If these are the problems, then how to get out of these?

Popcorn or healthier chips can be a good replacement for potatoes.

Instead of having refined carbohydrates and using unnatural sweeteners, eat complex carbohydrates such as whole-grain bread and natural sweets such as fruits.

Instead of ready-made condiments bought from the market, go for some homemade dips and dressings which can be made healthier.

To avoid the side-effect of having bananas in excess, combine bananas with something high in protein and B vitamins like almond butter or a protein shake made with leafy greens, protein powder and chia seeds.

You can take no more than one or two squares of dark chocolate as a treat for dessert, nearly when going to bed.

Last but not the least, it is crucial to keep track of time when you eat and when you don’t to stay energised and productive when you need to be, and relaxed or sleepy when required.

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