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Hair loss triggered by COVID-19 treatment: What's the solution?

Hair loss triggered by COVID-19 treatment: What's the solution?

Many people are facing sudden excessive hair loss after recovering from COVID-19. This is known as acute or short-term hair loss. 

Our immune system must fight against foreign particles when a virus infects us. During this phase, our body sends most of the nutrients to our major organs for proper functioning. 

Hair is an ornamental part of our body, and it is formed with keratin protein. 

So, during the fight of your immune system against the virus, your hair has got fewer nutrients and protein, its main component. This results in the shedding of a lot or one-third of your hair. But according to the hair's life cycle, hair will fall and grow healthier new hairs.     

By following a healthy hair routine, you can recover your hair back again. Sometimes, treatment is necessary if you face a hair growth issue. It's best to see an experienced dermatologist nearby for proper suggestions. 

Dos and don'ts to regrow your hair 

First of all, make a balanced diet for post-Covid to ensure proper nutrition. Regular exercise will allow blood circulation in your scalp and strengthen your hair follicles. 

You can take vitamins and iron supplements to recover your body's loss. Iron and some vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss. Intaking Vitamin B7 supplements are great for recovering your hair loss. Consult a doctor before taking any supplements, whether they suit you or not. 

Do not stress out because taking a lot of stress will be affirmative for causing your hair loss. Keep your scalp clean and healthy by washing it with shampoo regularly. Never comb your wet hair. This will promote hair breakage and frizzy hair. Also, dry your wet hair naturally without using a dryer. This will lessen your hair damage. 

Weekly two to three days of oil massage on the scalp and hair is important for strong roots and a healthier scalp to grow new hairs. 

Make sure to clean your hair and scalp properly after applying oil for forty minutes. Onion-based oils are a good option. Black seed can promote your hair growth. So onion and black seed is a powerful combination for dealing with your hair loss.

Thus, properly maintaining these steps can regain your healthy hair.

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