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Secrets of perfect ‘Biye-bari’ roast

Secrets of perfect ‘Biye-bari’ roast

Winter hasn’t yet faded, neither has the wedding season. Plenty of wedding ceremonies are happening right and left. Even if you are not attending it, you are bound to be tempted by the traditional ‘Biye-bari’ smell of food.

During this season, chances are high that you get at least one or several wedding feast invitations. But if you didn’t receive any this time, here’s how to make your biye-bari roast at home with authentic biye-bari taste.

First of all, beresta or crispy fried onion is a must in cooking such Moghlai items. However, in most cases, it is given while serving, as a beauty enhancer. What we miss is that adding crushed beresta or sour yoghourt-beresta paste during cooking adds a fantastic aroma and texture to the food.

Since the chicken roast gravy tastes slightly sweet, many people add sugar to bring this taste. But a little bit of sweet yoghurt can give a more professional finishing in taste and texture than sugar.

Many people consider almond or peanut paste to be a luxury while cooking at home. But the presence of this paste in any Moghlai cuisine creates a noticeable richness. So, try not to exclude almond or peanut paste from the ingredients of your chicken roast.

Fry plain chicken pieces in fresh oil over medium heat. Many think that if the marinated chicken is fried and re-cooked in gravy, it will absorb more spices. However, it just makes the oil opaque and the skin no longer remains fresh/spotless.

On the other hand, over frying also makes the flesh dry. Many use lemon or tamarind to bring tangy flavour to the roast. If you want the authentic taste of wedding cooks, use Alubokhara for a tangy purpose.

Also, people often use a lot of ghee in their cooking but still do not get enough aroma in the food. If you add ghee at the beginning of cooking, the aroma becomes pale during being cooked with other spices.

To get the best performance, add ghee towards the end of cooking when turning off the heat.

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