356 people killed in road accidents last month: RSF

FE Online Report | Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Some 356 people were killed and 341 others injured in road accidents in July this year across the country.

During the period, total 293 road accidents took place where the number of accidents involving motorcycles was the highest, according to a report by Road Safety Foundation (RSF).

Among the deceased, 64 were women and 35 children.

Some 98 people died in 107 motorcycle crashes in the last month which is 27.52 per cent of the total deaths, said the report, released on Wednesday.

The highest number of accidents took place in Dhaka division with highest number of deaths. Some 76 people died in 70 accidents in Dhaka division, the report showed.

The lowest one was in Khulna with 28 accidents and 27 deaths. 

Total 116 accidents occurred on highways, 98 on internal, 48 on village and 31 on urban roads. 

Besides, the number of waterway accidents in July was 16 where 27 people died and 21 went missing. Four were killed by four railway accidents.

The RSF prepared the report based on news items of seven national dailies, five online news portals and visual media. Some 401 vehicles were responsible for the road accidents in July.

Unfit vehicles, rash driving, lack of skill, mental and physical sickness, inadequate benefits for drivers, slow movement of vehicles on the highways, reckless bike ride by youths, improper traffic management system and lack of awareness about traffic laws were responsible for the accidents, the RSF observed.

The organisation suggested increasing skilled drivers, strengthening the capability of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) and enforcement of the existing laws to check road accidents in the country.