A skill oriented web-series for students

Arafat Bin Touhid | Thursday, 4 June 2020

BRAC University Business Club (BIZ BEE), one of the most prominent clubs at BRAC University, has recently launched its skill-oriented web-series 'IGNITE', which is focused on enhancing the skills and abilities of prospective students to prepare them as potential business competition winners.

Incorporating the motto 'Ignite your potentials', the web-series is devised to be of four episodes, each concentrated on different aspects of business competitions where some of the most successful and experienced business competition campaigners share numerous stratagems, ideas, and methodologies that will help participants mold their competitive skills.

The first episode 'Hacks of Case Cracking' starred Tanzir Islam, winner of several business competitions, now an e-commerce executive of BAT Bangladesh, who demonstrated different methodologies and techniques to crack difficult competition cases that students particularly find difficult.

The following episode, 'Financial Analysis and Breakdown' was predominantly focused on analysing skills and the evaluation of various financial assessments. This episode was conducted by Nahian Rahman Rochi, former participant, judge and mentor of some of the major business competitions of the country. He is currently working at BAT Bangladesh as senior corporate finance manager.

Sadman Sadik, chief content creator at 10-minute school, instructed students in the third episode 'Slide Making Spells', on numerous guidelines to improve the usage of info-graphics, visuals, fonts and typefaces in presentation slides. As in competitive presentations, quality slides play a pivotal role and increase the possibility of winning significantly.

The last episode of IGNITE season 1 'Overview of Business Competitions' was also instructed by another case competition maestro Ramim Ahmed, currently employed at Bkash Limited. This episode sufficiently answered queries about different business case contests and the existing business competition culture of the country, that might emerge in the minds of young business competition enthusiasts. 'IGNITE'- Season 1 was premiered on BIZ BEE's official Facebook page and can also be streamed on their official YouTube Channel.

BIZ BEE routinely conducts such skill developing sessions in the university campus. However, as all the educational institutions are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the club has moved to online platforms and transmuted the physical sessions into a web-series to reach out to as many aspirants as possible.

The writer is studying at BRAC University. He can be reached at arafat.touhid@gmail.com