‘Ami Probashi’ revolutionising migration process

‘Ami Probashi’ contributes Tk 25+ crore to government exchequer

FE ONLINE DESK | Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Digital BMET databank registration allows users to complete government processes from the comfort of their homes and increases aspiring migrant databank entry by 350%. The service was launched at zero cost of the Government of Bangladesh.

‘Ami Probashi’ is a mobile app and a recruitment management system that aims to digitise the entire migration process for all stakeholders within the migration journey. ‘Ami Probashi’ has partnered with the Bangladesh government to allow aspiring migrants to complete their mandatory registration into the BMET (Bureau of Manpower and Employment) databank, securely from the comfort of their homes. This easy and accessible registration process has led to a 350% increase in the government databank entry. By bringing transparency to the BMET registration process, Ami Probashi is significantly reducing costs for migrants, who bypass shady middlemen and avoid underhanded hidden fees.

‘Ami Probashi’, in partnership with the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare, continues to push for digitisation to cut migration cost and save aspiring migrants from scams and middlemen. The ‘Ami Probashi’ ecosystem hosts an expansive list of services like authentic job posts, chat support, direct communication with employers, training courses, digitalised completion of government processes, and much more.

With government services such as pre-departure orientation, BMET clearance, and QR code based smart cards coming onboard, future aspiring migrants will have a secure and cost-effective method of acquiring jobs abroad, without relying on costly middlemen.

‘Ami Probashi’ operates in a service charge model and incurs zero cost to the GoB. More services are being onboarded to digitalise the migration process for employers and aspiring migrants alike.

With 2.5 million aspiring migrants on the platform, ‘Ami Probashi’ is a necessary tool in gaining employment abroad and completing local government processes until airport immigration and beyond.

'Ami Probashi' to significantly reduce migration cost

'Ami Probashi' reduces migration cost by digitising government processes and allowing users to complete journey steps by themselves, saving time, cost, and hassle.

A unified ecosystem that connects aspiring migrants with reputable and trusted employers and recruitment agencies, bypassing costly middlemen and scams.

Launched in May 2021, ‘Ami Probashi’ is a fast-growing platform for aspiring Bangladeshi migrants, recruiting agencies, and government stakeholders, with 2.5 million+ users and counting, ‘Ami Probashi’ brings autonomy, transparency and security within the migration process by allowing users to complete mandatory government processes, search authentic overseas jobs from trusted recruiting agencies, and access training courses and legitimate information needed to work abroad: all from the comfort of their homes. The digitisation of migration processes significantly reduces the costs for migrants, who would otherwise have to go through unauthorised brokers and shady middlemen. With additional government services coming onboard such as pre-departure orientation, BMET clearance, and QR code based smart card, future aspiring migrants will have a secure and cost-effective method of acquiring jobs and completing necessary journey steps until airport immigration.

Foreign employers will also join the platform, allowing aspiring migrants to directly connect to source country employers and have visibility throughout the migration journey. Digital services such as Bangladesh high commission attestation, embassy features, and foreign job postings to launch soon.

All value-added services of the App and recruitment management system has been onboarded at zero cost to the Government of Bangladesh and operates solely on a service charge model.