Bangladesh issues fresh directives to save electricity at govt offices

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

The government has issued several directives to save electricity at public offices aiming to tackle the power and fuel crisis prevailing across the globe.

The directives include the use of LED light and appropriate colour on the wall to brighten the light, using power saving lighting system in common spaces such as stairs, washrooms, waiting rooms and corridors, and maintaining proper lighting degree or level as per building code, keeping electric bulb clean on regular basis and ensuring maximum usage of daylight, reports BSS citing a press release.

The directive also includes keeping the temperature of air conditioning (AC) at 25 degree Celsius or above and all windows and doors close while using ACs, using double glazed glass or curtain in windows, keeping AC-filter clean on regular basis, ensuring the servicing of the AC at least one time in a year, examining the pipe or duct leakage of AC and ensuring power saving and inverter based AC and fridge.

Besides, the government also asked all concerned of the government offices to use power saving fan, keep computer and laptop on power saving mood.