Century old Vishnu statue excavated in Thakurgaon

Friday, 16 April 2021

A 100-year-old Vishnu statue has been found while excavating the soil of a pond in Thakurgaon's Haripur on Thursday afternoon.

According to locals, the workers of Juman brick kiln found the statue of Vishnu while excavating the soil from Jogen Pal's pond for brick making.

Jamil Chowdhury, son of the owner of brick kiln informed Haripur police station OC Md. Aurangzeb of the statue.

OC Aurangzeb said it could be a Vishnu idol of the Hindu community, reports UNB.

It is not possible to say what it is made of or how much it costs at this moment, he added

The Vishnu statue has been taken to Haripur police station and will be sent for testing.