COVID-19: BD witnesses over 100 doctors’ death

FE Online Report | Thursday, 13 August 2020

The supreme sacrifice of doctors, the frontline fighters in the war against novel coronavirus, crossed 100 in Bangladesh.

At least 94 physicians died while 11 more lost their lives with COVID-19-like symptoms totalling 105 in infections, according to a doctor’s association that works for the rights of doctors in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, virus infection among the health workers reached 7,500 after the first COVID-19 case was detected on March 8.

There were allegations that infections among doctors could be controlled if authorities payed heed to the call to protect the doctors who are working at the virus dedicated hospitals.

Shahed Rafi Pavel, head of the Bangladesh Doctors' Foundation (BDF), an association of doctors, told The Financial Express (FE) on Thursday that infections and deaths from the virus could be reduced if immediate steps were taken in the primary stage.

However, the situations are improving, but the infections have started spreading outsides Dhaka, he added.