Curbing use of abusive language

Friday, 18 February 2022

It is impossible to entirely do away with the use of abusive or bad languages, which is a common phenomenon in this country. What is disturbing is the randomness of the wicked practice especially in public places. A large number of people, mostly males,  swear  quite liberally whenever they have found any excuse. For some, no excuse is needed and they do not bother to utter filthy words as if these are their regular vocabulary. Be it on a street corner, bus stop or kitchen market, anyone who keeps his or her ears open, is bound to hear some excited and irritated persons cursing others by names.

Those who are cussing others have their reasons and logic behind their acts. Some are angry with their office bosses, factory owners and landlords due to the exploitive attitudes by the latter. Again, some are annoyed as they have to pay too many bills of utilities and so cursing electricity and water authorities. Some are disappointed as there is no move from the city corporation or local government to repair the neighbourhood streets. Some even dare blame the government for its failure to check the rise of prices of essentials. 

Rebuking someone is another way of using abusive language in daily life. On roads, pedestrians are rebuking rickshaw pullers and motorists for putting obstacles, rickshaw pullers are cussing private car owners and drivers, passengers are scolding bus drivers and helpers for slow driving and overcharging. No exhaustive list of the litany can perhaps be prepared.

No doubt that all these and many other things have enough to fuel anger and frustration among many people. Nevertheless, airing the grievances by continuous use of abusive languages bring little positive outcome in most of the cases.  Those who are continuously using  abusive languages are actually under a false impression that cussing helps ventilate their anger or there is nothing wrong to curse wherever possible.

A lack of proper education along with the absence of cultural orientation is responsible for the untamed use of abusive languages. These factors coupled with disappointment and frustrations provoke many to send salvos of abusive languages. What is quite problematic is that the use of swear or offensive words becomes a psychological disorder for many that they fail to understand.  In this way, a disgruntled section of the population is growing, which will pose a serious challenge to civil norms in the near future.

Some argue that there was a time when people interacted with each other more and shared their joys and sorrows. It was a time when life was simpler without much stuff and sources of entertainment. Moreover, there was little rush for going ahead of others. With economic growth, the race for earning and consuming becomes open and wild. Such madness compels many to feel that they have to push, shove and swear to do and get the things of their desire. Those who do not want to go wild by keeping patience or being tolerant, are cornered by others and forced to stay at the receiving end.

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