Dubious dotcoms 9,689 clients get Tk 1.0b refund so far

FE REPORT | Saturday, 14 May 2022

Thirteen crisis-ridden e-commerce companies have refunded an estimated Tk 1.0 billion to 9,689 affected customers to date, according to the commerce ministry.

The amount has been reimbursed through 12,078 transactions, the available data shows.

The customers' stuck-up funds with 25 e-commerce platforms are more than Tk 5.0 billion, reveals the latest central bank report.

The earlier estimate of the amount was Tk 2.14 billion.

The refunders are Qcoom, Alesha Mart, Dalal Plus, Boom Boom, Anander Bazaar, Tholey.com, Dhakamak.com, Shreshth.com, Alifworld, Bangladesh deal, Sophectic, Adyan Mart and 99-global.

Earlier, the ministry started taking steps for refunding the affected customers of those portals.

The authorities concerned took multiple steps following a string of scandals by dubious e-commerce platforms like Evaly, E-orange, Dhamaka Shopping, Sirajganj Shop and Dalal plus.

The government introduced the Digital Business Identification (DBID) system on February 06 this year to bring discipline to the home e-commerce sector.

A source says a meeting is expected to be held to review the latest status of the e-commerce sector, including the stuck-up payment issue.

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