Eradicating corruption  

Thursday, 14 September 2017

THAT corruption is a major obstacle for development of a country is an established fact. The recent remark of the chief of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) needs to be considered seriously. He said, corruption is spreading like cancer in both the government and private sectors. We all know that there is nothing new about it. Roots of corruption have spread so deep into  society that corrupt people are no longer looked down upon by people and on the contrary they command respect from different quarters. They are considered smart and intelligent people. We see them affording luxury and pleasure of wealthy people. Eradicating this corruption is an arduous task for every government. Corruption is like a termite that is eating away the eternal beauty of human race. A strong and uncompromising management is essential to eradicate this social evil. After forty-two years of independence we are yet to fulfil the dream of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the dream of poverty and corruption-free Bangladesh. Time has come for us to wage another battle against corruption and its patrons. 

Akmal Hossain