Escalating drug trade  

Saturday, 16 September 2017

MEDIA often carry news items and visuals on law-enforcers seizing Phensidyl or Yaba from drug peddlers. According to law-enforcement and narcotics authorities, at least 300 major drug peddlers sell cannabis in Dhaka alone, running their business with their cohorts at 500 or more spots in the city. While most of them become active after nightfall, some dealers can be found selling cannabis during daytime as well.

But we know from our experience that such occasional crackdowns make very little impact on the peddlers. As profit margin in this business is very high they are prepared to take further risks. Consumption of Phensidyl and Yaba, the two most popular drugs among the addicts, is rising and the illegal trade is spreading across the country affecting the rural youths as well. As the number of drug addicts increases, drug business spreads. Disconcertingly, women in increasing number are joining the ranks of their male counterparts and so the situation has turned from bad to worse. Even some well-to-do and educated people are addicted to drugs. 

The government should enact a powerful legal network so that drug dealers feel intimidated and frightened to carry on with the business any more. Media should also play an active and effective role through accelerated publicity campaign on the effects of drug abuse to make people more conscious of the consequences of drug addiction. Common people should also join hands to eradicate the evils of drug addiction from the society once and for all. 

Mohammad Fardeen

Badda, Dhaka