Fabulous fish-oil: All the benefits you can get

Shuvodip Biswas Turja | Saturday, 19 February 2022

Fish oil? Well, that is quite something unnecessary and, in some cases, unknown in the daily life of most of the ‘Maachhe-Bhaate Bangali’ people. 

As fish is the principal source of protein in this part of the world, fish oil seems to have a lesser priority here. But that cannot deny the benefits of taking fish oil.

Fish oil is generally produced from oily fishes like mackerel, tuna etc., or from the liver of fishes. 

According to the World Health Organisation, to fulfil the demand of Omega-3 fatty acid, you need to consume at least two portions of fish every week. Or, instead, you can consume fish oil.

So, what are the benefits of consuming fish oil?

Consuming fish oil can save you from heart disease. It improves the level of HDL cholesterol (Don’t get confused, it is the good one), decreases triglycerides, helps to lower blood pressure. Fish oil also prevents arterial plaques causing blocks inside the arteries.

Do you want to lose weight? Then maybe you should start consuming fish oil. Because, the collaboration of fish oil with proper diet or exercise is pretty effective to reduce weight. 

Again, in the case of obesity, fish oil helps to make your body composition better, lowering the risk of heart disease caused by obesity. Besides, fish oil also reduces waist size and waist-to-hip ratio. It may also reduce liver fat.

Omega-3 fats are one of the key components on which your eyes rely on. And, according to researchers, lack of Omega-3 increases the risk of having eye diseases. So, in this case, fish oil helps to keep your eyes healthy.

Fish oil is also effective in reducing inflammation in your body, as it has anti-inflammatory components in it. If you are suffering from obesity, fish oil can help your body to reduce the production of cytokines, an inflammatory molecule. 

Again, you may also be benefited with the reduction of stiffness and pain in the joints caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Another advantage of fish oil is its ability to improve brain functions. A big portion (Almost 60 per cent) of the human brain is created with fats, and Omega-3 is a significant one among these. 

According to research, low omega-3 blood levels can cause mental disorders. And, researches also show that consuming fish oil has a positive effect in improving symptoms of mental disorder. 

Specifically, sometimes, high dosage of fish oil results in reduction of the symptoms of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It also helps to improve the symptoms of depression.

Pregnant women and infants can be hugely benefited because of the consumption of fish oil. During pregnancy and breastfeeding period, fish oil works as the source of important omega-3 fats. 

This helps the infants to have better coordination between hand and eye. Fish oil also develops eyesight and reduces risk of having allergies. In the case of children, fish oil prevents behavioural disorders. Besides, it also works on their hyperactivity and aggression.

But, the most important thing is, to enjoy all the advantages of fish oil, you need to consume a significant amount depending on your age, gender and condition. The best way is to consult a registered doctor or nutritionist. 

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