Five Eid jamaats to be held at Baitul Mukarram Mosque

BSS | Thursday, 13 May 2021

A total of five Eid jamaats will be held at the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque on Friday.

No Eid jamaat will be held at the National Eidgah this year in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The first Eid jamaat at Baitul Mukarram will be held at 7:00am where Mawlana Mizanur Rahman will lead the congregation.

Hafez Mufti Mawlana Muhibullahil Baki Nadvi will lead the second Eid jamaat at 8:00am. The third Eid jamaat will be held at 9:00am. Hafez Mawlana Ehsanul Haq will lead the third Eid jamaat at the national mosque.

The fourth Eid jamaat will be held at 10:00 am and Mawlana Mahiuddin Kashem will lead the congregation in the national mosque.

The fifth and the last Eid jamaat will be held at 10:45am. Hafez Mawlana Waliur Rahman Khan will lead the last jamaat.

Mufti Mawlana Muhammad Abdullah will lead the Eid jamaat in case of absence of any scheduled imam.

Besides, another Eid jamaat will be held at the historic Azimpur Dayera Sharif Jame Mosque in the city at 10am.

Amid the surge of corona infection, the Islamic Foundation has requested all the imams, mosque management committee, devotees and concerned people to maintain health guidlines during the prayer of Eid-ul Fitr as per the notification issued by the Religious Affairs Ministry on April 26.