French techno musician Teho rocks Swiss mountain tops

Friday, 14 May 2021

French techno musician Teho found an unusual place to end his pandemic hiatus - hitting the high notes from a 3,000-metre (9,843 ft) peak in the Swiss Alps.

Teho, 30, braved sub-zero temperatures to perform from a small platform at the Glacier 3000 venue atop Scex Rouge, a mountain in south-western Switzerland.

He also had to overcome his fear of heights, reports Reuters.

"I'm a bit scared of heights... so the first few moments on the stage, without any protective barriers, were really... special - until I managed to fully take in the view.

"As soon as I started playing, though, I quickly felt at ease, so I was able to fully enjoy the moment."

The DJ from Montpellier in France said he had never performed at such an unusual spot, surrounded by the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, and Eiger mountains.

In fact, he has been unable to perform in public at all over the last year due to pandemic restrictions.

"It was a difficult year because every club, festival, and all parties were closed because of COVID-19," he said.

The show, which took place at dawn on April 23 and will be released online on Thursday, was organised by Le Cercle, a livestream company that films and broadcasts DJ live performances in unusual places.

Teho's concert was not the first time the Glacier 3000 resort has hosted artistic events to promote its skiing area and surrounding mountains.

Last year Swiss acrobat Freddy Nock walked along the cable car wire to the summit, doing part of the journey blindfolded.

"We were in touch with several musicians - most of the DJs - who wanted to perform with us in 2021," said Bernhard Tschannen, CEO of Glacier 3000. "Diversifying is a new paradigm for artists and event organisers alike, who have to find other ways to make people dream."