Government mulls cutting back on power production amid fuel price hike

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called for austerity in electricity consumption and suggested scaling down power production amid rising fuel prices triggered by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

"We should be frugal in our consumption of power. I’m also thinking about cutting back on power production for some time so that we spend less on the materials used for power production,” Hasina on Tuesday.

Highlighting power cuts for as long as 10 hours a day in the past, she said, “If we can make a roster for load shedding in specific areas at specific times, people can make preparations beforehand. We need to take such measures to avoid any problems in future."

European countries and the United States are experiencing high inflation along with a power crisis. “Bangladesh is aware of the situation and is taking measures to navigate the global economic crisis," Hasina said.

The government has ensured uninterrupted power supply to every household in the recent past, but now the prices of materials used for power production have become exorbitant in the international market, Hasina added.

Prices of diesel, oil, LNG and coal soared, while goods transportation was disrupted due to the Russia-Ukraine war. “Not enough ships are sailing and that causes a supply deficit in Bangladesh and other countries,” Hasina said.

“If we practise austerity, we can make some savings that will enable us to combat any crisis.”

Hasina urged families to make sacrifices in the wake of the economic crisis plaguing even developed countries.

“We shouldn’t allow any farming land or water body to go unused. We can shield ourselves from the global recession if every individual takes such measures.”