Low-lying areas in Bagerhat coastal areas submerged

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Low-lying coastal areas of Bagerhat district were inundated due to the tidal surge triggered by the depression in the Bay of Bengal on Tuesday, causing immense suffering to the dwellers.

The intermittent rainfall started from Tuesday morning disrupting the normal life of the people in the coastal areas, reports UNB.

Many low-lying areas including Suparipotti, Kachabazar and many roads in Bagerhat district town have been inundated as the water levels of many rivers in Sundarbans rose to 2.5 feet high above the normal tide due to the bay depression.

Some 500 fishermen, who went out from home for the Bay have taken shelter in the Sundarbans' Alorkole, Dublarchar and Bedakhali canals. The sea became very rough.

The river waters also entered many houses.

According to the district Agriculture office, 6.11mm of rainfall has been recorded from 06:00 am Monday to 06:00 am Tuesday. 

Divisional Forest Officer of the Sundarbans East zone, Mohammad Belayet Hossain, said the water level in the Sundarbans was flowing 2.5 feet above the normal flows and 500 fishermen, who went to the Bay for netting, took shelter in the Sundarbans.