One Covid-19 hospital for 17 upazilas can't cope with pressure

OUR CORRESPONDENT, CUMILLA | Monday, 19 April 2021

The number of coronavirus infected people and deaths is increasing alarmingly in Cumilla. Fifty people have died of corona in the last 16 days in the district.

Most of the dead were from Cumilla city. In this situation, the pressure of the patients infected with coronavirus has increased in the Covid-19 dedicated hospital located on the premises of Cumilla Medical College and Hospital.

The people involved in the hospital are almost unable to cope with the extra pressure of the patients. Not only that doctors, patients and their relatives are also suffering for want of of beds and intensive care unit (ICU).

This Covid-19 dedicated hospital has 18 ICU beds. At least 30 additional patients have been waiting for ICU beds at the hospital almost every day since the second wave of corona erupted.

The only Covid-19 dedicated hospital for 17 upazilas of Cumilla city and district is currently admitting additional patients every day against 134 beds.

Patients from the surrounding districts are also coming here for treatment. Hospital staff are having trouble providing oxygen to extra patients. Even then, most people in the city do not follow the rules of hygiene. Many are not using masks.

Samia Rahman Rupa, medical officer of Cumilla Covid-19 Dedicated Hospital, said, "We are providing ICU beds to the critically ill patients."

However, most of those who are going to ICU are not coming back. Every day more than 30 critically ill patients wait to get an ICU bed outside of a designated bed. Observing the situation, it seems that the relatives of the waiting patients pray that the patient inside dies. Then he can take his relative to ICU.

He added that 15 to 20 additional patients are being admitted every day against 134 ordinary beds. Oxygen is supplied centrally to our 134 beds. But it is very difficult to provide oxygen to the extra patients. We are giving oxygen through their cylinders, but it is not enough.

According to the District Civil Surgeon's Office, the corona situation in Cumilla is getting worse day by day. The number of infected people and deaths due to corona is increasing every day. Fifty people have died of corona in the district from April 1 to 16 this month.

The first corona patient was identified in the district on April 7 last year. The death occurred on April 11 of that year. Then on June 08 last year, Covid-19 Dedicated Hospital was launched on the premises of Cumilla Medical College and Hospital. The most infected and dead are in Cumilla city.

District Civil Surgeon Dr Mir Mubarak Hossain said the situation of Corona would become more dire if people did not follow the hygiene rules. The number of corona infected people and deaths is increasing day by day in the district.

In order to prevent corona, people need to be vaccinated as well as adhere to 100 per cent hygiene rules including wearing masks. Otherwise the situation will be more serious.


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