Prices of nearly all essentials yet to tame at weekend

FE ONLINE REPORT | Friday, 14 January 2022

Almost all of the essential commodities remained static in Dhaka city’s kitchen markets at the weekend, maintaining the previous hike.

Prices of broiler chickens, red eggs, as well as Pakistani and Sonali chickens remained static today compared to last Friday, maintaining the previous hike while all kinds of toiletries followed the same price level.

The prices of almost all the daily essentials are still high, according to the traders and consumers.

All kinds of vegetables witnessed the same prices both in wholesale and retail levels, said the vegetable traders, vendors, and consumers.

Broiler chicken, Pakistani and Sonali chicken were selling at Tk 165  and Tk 255 per kg respectively at the wholesale level on Friday, Rasel (single name), a salesman at New Bismillah Broiler at Mohammadpur Krishi Market, told The Financial Express (FE).

Layer chicken was selling at Tk 220 a kg at the wholesale level on Friday, he said, adding that the price of the red egg was Tk 100 a dozen, he stated.

He was retailing red eggs at Tk 105 per dozen, he stated.

The retail price of broiler chicken was reported to be Tk 161-Tk 168 a kg, according to the Department of Agriculture Marketing (DAM).

A dozen of red eggs were selling at Tk 33-Tk 35, it said, adding that the price of local lentils was at Tk 108-Tk 114 a kg.

Jubayer Hossain, a wholesaler at Mohammadpur Krishi Market, told the FE that the market has been very volatile recently.

The prices of flour, edible oil, sugar, and imported lentils remained high, according to him.

Akash (single name), a vendor at Mohammadpur Krishi Market, said newly-harvested onions were selling at Tk 34-Tk 36 per kg at the wholesale level today compared to the last Friday. Imported Indian onions were selling at Tk 45-Tk 46 per kg at the wholesale level.

Imported ginger was selling at Tk 108 a kg at the wholesale level, he added.

Items such as flour, edible oil, and sugar witnessed no remarkable change, meaning that the previous higher level of prices continued on Friday.

This correspondent saw that prices of brinjals, pumpkins, bitter gourd, pointed gourd, newly harvested potatoes, and green chilli remained steady in the past few days.

A vegetable vendor, Faruk (single name), claimed that the prices of almost all vegetables remained unchanged on Friday.

However, the price of local cucumbers increased by Tk 8.0 this week compared to the past week. He was retailing cucumber Tk 40 a kg this last week, which was Tk 32 last week, he said.

The wholesale prices of cauliflowers and beans were Tk 25 and Tk 30-Tk 35 respectively on Friday.

The newly-harvested diamond variety of potato was selling at Tk 15-Tk 16 a kg at the wholesale level while the red tomato at Tk 20-Tk 21 at the wholesale level, he added.

The wholesale level of green chili was selling at Tk 20-Tk 22 per kg, he said.

Radish was selling at Tk 18-Tk 20 per kg at the wholesale level, he added.

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