Submit proposals for USAID Challenge to Strengthen Humanitarian Innovation Ecosystems

FE Online | Sunday, 7 August 2022

The USAID is accepting applications for the Challenge to Strengthen Humanitarian Innovation Ecosystems and Community Resilience in Bangladesh. 

This challenge is a part of the Accelerating Innovation for Resilience (AI4Resilience) initiative in Bangladesh, implemented by the US-based nonprofit Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI) in partnership with Spring Activator, a global incubator, accelerator, and advisory firm.

Challenge Objectives:

  • Have a systems-level impact.
  • Support inclusive, community-driven responses to humanitarian needs.
  • Build stronger networks and collaborations.
  • Be innovative.
  • Have potential for viability beyond AI4Resilience support.

Check the application link for further details.


  • AI4Resilience has set aside $300,000 in total for challenge participants to support the design and implementation of the solutions. Participants will also receive a wide array of support, including a combination of coaching, mentoring, technical assistance, partnership development and events.
  • The AI4Resilience Challenge supports the co-creation of solutions to catalyze the supply and scale of innovations for community-led humanitarian response and long-term resilience. At the same time, the initiative will enhance relevant capacities, networks, partnerships, and collaboration across the community.

Check the application link for further details.


  • Entity Type and Legal Status.
  • Local Presence/Local Focus: All participants must use the funds to implement interventions in Bangladesh. Applicants must already have a presence in the country, be a local entity, or have an eligible Bangladeshi partner. The Challenge will require supporting documentation to demonstrate legal status to operate where the intervention is taking place. The Challenge will exclude solutions focused outside of Bangladesh.  
  • Eligibility to Receive USAID Support.
  • Applicants will be asked to describe their experience and capacities relevant to the objectives of the Challenge as well as their idea for solutions. They will have the opportunity to provide supporting documentation regarding capacities and past work.

Check the application link for further details.

Application Deadline: 20 August 

Application Link: 

Interested applicants can check this link for details - https://cutt.ly/uZF3BTR