Tree lover Moyejul becomes a successful horticulturist

OUR CORRESPONDENT | Thursday, 22 April 2021

Moyejul Islam Moyej started his gardening in 1990 on two bigahs of land planting some local varieties of fruits at Taluk Haridash village under Aditmari upazila of Lalmonirhat district.

Later it has become his hobby to collect uncommon variety of fruit plants from different parts of the country and even collected seeds from abroad.

Then he planted two hundred litchi saplings in his garden. After a few years, he started earning Tk. 0.4-0.5 million selling his litchi every season. In the last 30 years, he extended his garden to 4.5 acres of land. Now there are about 30 foreign fruit trees and nearly 80 local fruit trees in his garden.

He planted Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesian popular fruit trees in his garden. He turned his garden into a mixed variety fruits orchard in the last 30 years. He planted tea on 2.5 acres of land and planted dragon fruits on the same land.

Professionally he is a lawyer of Lalmonirhat judge court and also involved with different social organizations and activities. After his court job, he looks after his trees in the garden every day. This year he planted 1500 capsicum plants using modern technology for the first time. The yield is very good but the price is very frustrating.

Already he sold 300 kg capsicum in the local market at a very low price. The demand for capsicum is not satisfactory in this area. The pandemic situation is also the cause of low prices. Because most restaurants are closed. That's why the demand has fallen.

Visiting his garden it was seen that there are many uncommon varieties of trees from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Japan. Lukluki, Durian, Aprikot, Pinat, Persimmon, Cherry, Black Berry, Christmas berry, Strawberry, Thai Jambura, Seaclave, Avocado, Naspati, Kaju Badam, Apple, Allspice, Mulberry, Thai jackfruit, Rambutan, Golapjam, Agar, Karpur, Grapes, Elach, Star apple, Saudi dates trees in his garden.

Apart from this nearly eighty varieties of local fruit trees are available in his garden. Mango-Harivanga, fajli, Ammropaly, jackfruits, litchi, lotcon, Applecol, Bowcol , Gab, guava, Tutfal, Bell, Coconut, Amada, Star fruit, pineapple, Kiwi, pomegranate, Jamrul, Peace fruit, Grapes, Gooseberry, Custard apple, Lemon, Curry berry.

When asked about his garden Moyejul Islam told this correspondent that it is his hobby to plant trees from his early age. He started his gardening in 1990 on two bighas of land. Now his garden has been extended to nearly 4.5 acres of land. He collected different varieties of trees from different parts of Bangladesh. Even the collected seeds from abroad to enrich his garden. He said that he is doing it from his hobby and one kind of addiction.

He feels very happy when visits and works in his garden. He said that the feeling of gardening can't be explained. He is mentally and physically well due to this garden.

The Deputy Director Ashraf Mamun, of Lalmonirhat Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), said that he visited this garden. Really awesome and very exceptional. There are various foreign varieties and local fruit trees in this garden, he added.

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