Viva Ronaldo: Manchester homecoming of Cristiano

Naveed Ashfaque | Monday, 30 August 2021

The internet lost it when rumours started to circulate that Ronaldo had given the green light to join the Manchester blues. The emotion and hurt from the United fan base was almost palpable through the internet.

But some things are just not meant to be-- like how the lion never gets preyed upon, Ronaldo wouldn't be joining Manchester City. Sir Alex and co. made sure of that.

Ronaldo's comeback to Manchester United after 12 years since he left in 2009, has had the United crowd ecstatic. Squad players like Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard who came through the academy idolising Ronaldo, are now his teammates. They left no emotions hidden when blasting their social media accounts with CR7 posts.

What's interesting is that Ronaldo is not the same sleazy noodle-haired ancy dribbler he was once. The comeback of Ronaldo has a few interesting ramifications. Here's how.

On a personal note for Cristiano, making a comeback to the most competitive league at 36 years of age is a challenge like never before. Winning it with a squad that needs the final push for a major trophy, makes it all too well for someone of Ronaldo's stature.

At the twilight of Ronaldo's career, the best way to bow out is by winning it again for the club that has had a significant contribution to who he is today. Achieving what he has set his eyes on, as Samuel Luckhurst defined Ronaldo's intent as ‘unfinished business’ means the GOAT debate does not end anytime soon.

The implicit advantage of having Cristiano Ronaldo in a team is like no other. On the business end of it, the commercial appeal of having one of the two greats of modern day football is plentiful.

It is reported that, Ronaldo's has led to a rise of share value for Manchester United in the New York Stock Exchange with an estimated value increasing over to 300 million dollars. That aside, the American ownership has a predilection towards selling shirts and making a handful of profit there as well.

On the field, Ronaldo allows Manager Ole Solskjaer to have a reliable squad depth. With Edinson Cavani being committed to World Cup qualifiers at UK red listed countries, he'll be unavailable for quite a few matches for the quarantine restrictions. Moreover, a lacklustre Anthony Martial leading the line isn't ideal either.

Off the Field Ronaldo brings a lot more than what meets the eye. First of all, Jadon Sancho and Mason Greenwood are relieved from the English media pressure. Greenwood has had enough backlash from the media and new signings like Sancho were quick labelled flops whilst they're adjusting to the Premier League standards.

On the hindsight, United have saved themselves from being baited out in the Erling Haaland pursuit that is coming next summer. With two year from Ronaldo, United have the upper hand in the negotiations. Furthermore, Greenwood who is slowly adapting to the centre forward role has a new mentor to learn from the shadows. Cavani's effect on him has been visible. So, it's safe to deduce, Ronaldo will bring in the winning mentality in the young stars.

Lastly, Ronaldo's pull as a player is widespread. With him in the team, United have another reason why Paul Pogba should pen a new deal or any other star should come seeking success at the theatre of dreams.

The blue moon rose with his rumours and quickly set when his legacy came into play. Having Ronaldo means there's very less room for error for Manchester United going forward despite their obvious lacking in midfield.

Re-signing with Manchester United means Ronaldo is set for the biggest comeback in modern day football. He can now only cement his legacy with the Reds.

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