Will Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos be the saviours for PSG?

Mahtab Jamil | Saturday, 2 July 2022

PSG have sacked Mauricio Pochettino for failing to win the Champions League. The club has constantly put UCL as their top priority over anything but has constantly failed to win it ever since their wealthy takeover. 

Though they reached the final in 2020, they lost eventually to Bayern Munich. They have continued their pursuit of world-class talents and have spent real big on them. Yet, they just had to be content with regular domestic success. 

After PSG got knocked out by Real Madrid in the round of 16 last season, the PSG authority decided to overhaul their club policy. 

They hired the high-profile football executive Luis Campos to fix things at the club. They are also set to sign Christophe Galtier as their manager. Campos and Galtier had worked together at Lille which won Ligue 1 in 2021, dethroning PSG from their dominance in the French League. 

Luis Campos has made a reputation for himself as one of the best scouts in the world. The talent studded AS Monaco side which won the Ligue 1 in 2016 was all thanks to the scouting of Luis Campos. 

He also has a special relationship with Kylian Mbappe. This was instrumental in keeping him at the club though he made public confessions about wanting to play for Real Madrid. 

This is the first step he took for the club by keeping the club’s talisman. In a statement, the PSG club president stated that they’ll be going away from the flashy side of things and look to be more practical in their pursuit of the Champions League trophy. 

Christophe Galtier is a manager who has taken an average Lille side with a very restricted budget to the French Championship. They showed no-nonsense tactics and good discipline on the side. He is a tough manager who lets the players know who is the boss inside the dressing room, something that is essential at PSG right now. 

With big stars and big egos in the dressing room, the environment inside the dugout might go wrong. A scenario that was found in the Pochettino era. 

It is expected by the PSG faithful that someone like Galtier, having all the financial flexibility of PSG would do wonders at the club. He prefers a compact defence, aggressive pressing in the final third and quick counterattack whenever they win the ball. His playing style is designed to win trophies. 

If the pair click together as they did in their previous appointments, PSG are destined for greatness. But there remains a doubt as Galtier has never managed a top side or hasn’t won significant to stand up to the players. Whether he can prove to be the tough guy who holds all the egos aside and make the crucial decisions, only time will tell. 

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