Youth commits suicide as lockdown leaves him jobless

UNB | Sunday, 11 July 2021

A 26-year-old man, who lost his job due to Covid-induced lockdown, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in his room in the early hours of Sunday with family members and police suspecting he committed suicide.

Khokon Hossain returned a dejected man at his Bashbari village of Rajshahi's Puthia upazila from Dhaka, after he lost his job during the ongoing lockdown.

On Sunday morning family members found Khokon's door shut and there was no response from inside to their calls. His father found him hanging as he looked through a window. Later the family members broke into his room and recovered the body.

It was learned that Khokon worked for a factory in Dhaka and returned home after losing his job during the lockdown. After he lost his job, his wife left him over a family dispute.

Khokon's father said he was frustrated over these reasons and might have committed suicide.

The couple has a child too, he said.

Officer-in-charge Sohorawardy Hossain said it was suspected to be a case of suicide but the body was not sent for autopsy as per wishes of the family.

However, an unnatural death case was filed, he said.