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Bangladesh govt moves to boost import of key commodities

| Updated: January 13, 2022 11:57:15

Bangladesh govt moves to boost import of key commodities

The government moves to enhance imports of key essential commodities to keep their supply and prices stable in the market in future, officials say.

It will ask the traders and importers concerned to speed up imports of staple goods, they add.

The decision came at a meeting held at commerce ministry with the senior secretary of the ministry in the chair on Wednesday.

The meeting also advised that a close watch be kept on the kitchen market so that nobody can raise the prices of essential commodities by spreading propaganda.

To this end, the ministry will strengthen market monitoring to give some succor to consumers.

Seniors officials of different ministries and state agencies were present in the meeting.

The meeting also asked all concerned to take appropriate steps so that price hike could be averted in the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

Commerce ministry will take steps to keep the prices of sugar and edible oil stable as the prices of such items are seeing an uptrend, according to a senior official.

Bangladesh has to rely on imports to meet demand even after producing large amounts of key commodities like onion, edible oil, sugar, garlic, ginger and spices locally, he says.

Another official says, "We hope the prices of essential items will not only remain stable in the upcoming days, but also round the year as the government has taken necessary measures in this regard."

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